Logan is an eight year old artist from Charlotte, North Carolina, who loves to use colorful paints and other various supplies to create her works of art. She is also our granddaughter. Logan is a bubbly-creative thinker, often sketching her thoughts and writing ideas down in her journal. Logan’s favorite artist expressions are often rainbow oriented and organic in shape. She also shares a love of comic superheroes with her father and she sometimes expresses them in her work as well. She has spent much of her off school time with us here, in Hickory at our picture frame shop. While here she has gained an interest and knowledge about how a piece of art can be skillfully prepared for display. She also takes an interest on what type of matting and frame is chosen for her artwork. Logan’s works of art are on display and can be purchased at Hickory’s Finest Custom Framing.

Logan has been very successful in selling her paintings and she is very adamant in that the money from the sale of her art goes into her college fund.

David Futrell
Logan’s Grandfather

"Hello, I'm Logan, the artist. I want you to know that all the money I receive from the sale of my paintings goes into my college fund. I would like to thank everyone who has already purchased pieces of my art. It makes me smile knowing that someone is enjoying my art hanging on their wall".

Logan Blair Mazurek